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Boddy Group Members

The Boddy Lab is a highly interdisciplinary environment at the Chemistry/Biology interface. As such the researchers in the lab come from very diverse scientific backgrounds, including organic synthesis, biological chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, microbial ecology, soil science, computational chemistry, chemical engineering, and bioinformatics. This diversity of skill sets makes for a dynamic, exciting research environment.

Principal Investigator

Big Bossman


Christopher N. Boddy

Ph.D. (The Scripps Research Institute)
B.Sc. (University of Alberta)

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
Department of Biology
Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation
Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Current Group Members

Fall '18 featuring The Boddy Group

Left to Right/Front to Back: Jessica Gosse, Chris Boddy, Puneet Labana, Andre Paquette, Chris Sarmales-Murga, Graham Heberlig, Richenda McFarlane, Jordan Brazeau-Henrie, Mike Darnowski, Jesse Brown, Mohamed Hassan

Visiting Professors

Jie Zhang, Ph.D.

Jie Zhang

Associate Professor (Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute)
Ph.D. Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Lanzhou University)
B.Sc. Chemistry (Lanzhou University)

Research Topics:
Total Synthesis of Natural Products
Functional Material Synthesis and Applications
Pharmaceutical Research

Graduate Students

P. Hill, M.Sc.

Patrick Hill

Ph.D. Biology Candidate
M.Sc. (University of Reading)
B.Sc. (Guelph University)

Thesis Topic:
Characterizing the community structure of antibiotic producing bacteria in diverse environments








Graham Heberlig, Ph.D.

Graham Heberlig

Ph.D. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. Biochemistry (SUNY ESF)

Thesis Topic:
Harnessing polyketide biosynthetic pathways to produce complex molecules



Jessica Gosse, Ph.D.

Jéssica Gosse

Ph.D. Chemistry Candidate
M.Sc. Genetics and Molecular Biology (UNICAMP, Brazil)
B.Sc. Biology (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Jessica has a background in parasitology and microbiology and her work is focused in bioprospecting environmental DNA to build genomic libraries and identify novel bacterial products, such as polyketides and non ribosomal peptides, molecules that have a wide range of uses as antibiotics, anticancer agents and immune system suppressors.

Thesis Topic:
Bioprospecting the metagenome for new polyketide natural products



Mohamed Hassan, B.Sc.

Mohamed Hassan

Ph.D. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. (hon.) Biopharmaceutical Sciences (uOttawa)

Thesis Topic:
Production of high value monosaccharides from metabolically and genetically engineered Escherichia coli








Puneet Labana, B.Sc.

Puneet Labana

Ph.D. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. (hon.) Biopharmaceutical Sciences (uOttawa)

Thesis Topic:
Mechanism of armenaspirole antibiotic activity








Chris Sarmales-Murga

Chris Sarmales-Murga

M.Sc Candidate Chemistry
B.Sc. (hon.) Biopharmaceutical Sciences (uOttawa)

Jordan Brazeau-Henrie

Jordan Brazeau-Henrie

M.Sc. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. (hon.) Biochemistry (uOttawa)

Michael Darnowski

Michael Darnowski

M.Sc. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. (hon.) Biopharmaceutical Sciences (uOttawa)

&quot;Salty&quot; Richenda McFarlane

Richenda McFarlane

M.Sc. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. Cell, Molecular, Microbiology (TRU)

André Paquette

André Paquette

M.Sc. Chemistry Candidate
B.Sc. (hon.) Biochemistry (uOttawa)

Undergraduate Students

Max Peart
Alex Lacelle

Group Alumni

Post-Doctoral & Visiting Scientists

Kim Y.P. Apperley (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
Eve Granatosky (Genetics and Public Policy Fellow, NHGRI)
Fern R. McSorley (Scientist II, Zymergen Inc.)
Jack Melton (President ProcesScience Inc)
Christophe Pardin (Professor, Cégep de l'Outaouais)
Zaara Sarwar (Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey)
Céline Valignat (L'université d'Orléans)
Maggie Watson (Alain Lab, CHEO)
Jeanette Young (PDF, Indiana University School of Medicine)

Graduate Students

Panos Argyropoulos (Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, NRC Canada)
Jesse Brown (Associate Scientist II, AbbVie)
Kyle Conway
(Aircraft Systems Simulation Engineer, TRU Simulation and Training)
Mark Dornan (Radiochemist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
David Dixson (Scientist III, Boehringer Ingelheim)
Taylor Hari (PDF, Emory University)
Mark Horsman (PDF, Notre Dame)
Steve Houghton (Senior Scientist, Syracuse Research Corp)
Ben Lundgren (PDF, SUNY ESF)
Atahualpa Pinto (Assistant Professor, Utica College)
Daniel Pau (University of Toronto, School of Medicine)
Krishna Sharma (Sr. Engineer/Scientist R&D, UOP LLC)
Cole Stevens (Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi)
Luis Roberto Villegas-Peñaranda (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica)
Meng Wang (Professor, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology)
Burk Wilke (Adjunct Professor, St. John Fisher College)
Monica Wirz (University of Waterloo, School of Pharmacy)

Undergraduate Students

Christine Achampong
Nadine Ahmed (University of Ottawa, Pezacki Group)
Noreen Ahmed (University of Ottawa, Pezacki Group)
Bachar Almazloum
Nathan Baratte
Meaghan Boileau (McGill University)
Chauncy Brown
Alyssa Caissie
Benjamin Chung (University of Toronto)
Melanie Cyr
Malay Doshi (Paraza Pharma)
Touria El-Aamri (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
Amedeo Falsetto (University of Toronto, School of Medicine)
Laura Furst (Boston University)
Jeremy Gardner (University of Ottawa, School of Medicine)
Hakim Gol
Alyssa Goto
Joeseph Grim (University of Wisconsin)
Kofi Gyan (Tufts University)
Mike Henry (US Army)
Michael Innes
Anitha Kammili
Joshua Kandiah
Evan Koester
David Konrad (Germany)
Kevin Lafaye (France)
Clémence Larfague (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
Daniel Langevin
Penny Le 
Sanjay Manhas (University of Toronto, Taylor Group)
Rachel Marchand
Kyle McClymont (The Scripps Research Institute, Baran Group)
Erwin Mendoza
Christina Moi (Queen's University, School of Medicine)
Nick Molinari
R.J. Mortali
Sue Moon
Haytham Msallak
Tyler Murray (University of Toronto, School of Medicine)
Peter Opare
Bailey Organ
Nelson Pearce (Pharmacist, Brockville Mental Health Centre)
Curtis Quan
Stefan Raffalt
Bo Reichenbach 
Mariya Ryabushkina
Kristy Scarfone
David Schlachter
Daniel Serrano
Ryan Simard (Université de Montréal, Guindon Group)
Sabrina Slade (Queen's University, School of Medicine)
Leah Susser
Daniel Tesolin (Lakehead University, Phenix Group)
Angela Thompson
Chelsea Towaij (University of Toronto, School of Medicine)
Birgit Unterweger
Anthony Valenti
Evelyn Walenta
Laura Walker
Hanwen (Kelvin) Xu
Lisa Zhang
Nick Zinck 

BBQ Posters

BBQ Poster 2016
BBQ Poster 2017. Art courtesy of Andy Goss
BBQ Poster 2018. Art courtesy of Andy Goss
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Past Group Photos

Summer 2017 Group Photo
December 2012
Boddy Collage