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Our research facilities are located in three adjoining buildings at the core of the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Science: D'Iorio Hall, BioSciences, and CAREG.  

D'Iorio Hall CAREG BioScience

The lab is well-equipped for a variety of experimental techniques including organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology. 

Our D'Iorio labs are equipped for synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry.

The BioSciences lab is a dedicated synthesis lab.

CAREG is a common lab shared between a handful of PIs from chemistry, biology, and physics. This lab space is equipped for biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology.


LC-MS/MS Solvent System MALDI balances Molecular Bio Bench FPLC Freezer farm Shaker Centrifuge UV Vis Imager qPCR