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Our research facilities are located in the 2nd floor of Marion Hall in the Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology.  The Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology is an open concept multi-PI lab space equipped for organic synthesis, biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology, which we share with the Keillor, da Costa, Shuhendler and Campbell-Valois labs.

Marion Hall CCSB entrance biochem hallway

The lab is well-equipped for a variety of experimental techniques including organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology. 


Our lab space has a large fumehood farm for our organic synthesis experimental work.

We have state of the art dedicated biochemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology lab space 

We share a large common office space with the Keillor, daCosta, Shuhendler, and Campbell-Valois labs.


LC-MS/MS Solvent System MALDI balances Molecular Bio Bench FPLC Freezer farm Shaker Centrifuge UV Vis Imager qPCR